“Sound of Children” 4th Summer Program


St. Peter “Sound of Children” Summer Program was created to promote our beautiful culture and heritage to our children and make them appreciate it and welcome it into their lives from a very young age. 

Our children today are deprived from many cultural and important values, like art and music, poetry and dance, etc. By introducing these important elements from early age, it will help them be better humans and broaden their views, imagination and capabilities in life. It will also boost their self-recognition and shape them by creating caring individuals with kinder souls. 

We are happy to introduce a “Musical and Armenian Cultural” summer program to all the children from ages 3-13 again this summer at our St. Peter Church campus. Our program hours are from 8:30AM to 3:30 PM 5 days a week. Extended hours are from 7:30AM – 5:30PM. The program runs for 8 weeks starting on Monday, June 15  thru Friday, August 7. 

We carefully choose each summer’s theme in order to expand our children’s creativity and boost their passion towards identity awareness and cultural knowledge. Last year our summer program’s motto was “Who am I”. Children were able to discover about their past, their homeland, their music and poetry and their country. This year’s motto “I am Armenian” is an answer that our children will proudly announce and with that we’re intending on digging more into our cultural past, old traditions and ceremonies our people carried over to today’s days. At the end of our program, our children will demonstrate all that they’ve learned in a beautiful cultural concert that you will all be invited to and enjoy.

We also have by-weekly performances for our parents and grandparents on Fridays after camp. We see how these amazing performances touch everyone involved and how it changes our children and parents in so many better ways. 

Our programs include daily Armenian language classes, music, science, literature, sports, arts & crafts, chess, cooking classes, dance, competitions, and plenty of games and fun activities.

Nutrition is very important to us; therefore, our children will be served breakfast, snacks and lunch daily. All meals will be made fresh daily and will include plenty of fruits and vegetables. 

Our counselors, aids and volunteers are carefully chosen so that they can be fully dedicated to our children’s safety, and lovingly discipline them and nurture their beautiful souls and body.

We are very excited about our program for 2020 and we hope to have another successful summer program. 

Thank you, 

Sirvart (Sylvia) Kavoukjian

Founder and Director

Sound of Children Cultural Program

Paperwork and Forms For Signing Up

Sound of Children Application (pdf)


Sound of Children Summer Program handbook (pdf)


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Sound of Children Chess Classes
Sound of Children Dance Classes

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Who are we?

Sound of Children, an organization under St. Peter Armenian Church, was formed to serve our children in the San Fernando Valley area and beyond, by allowing them to learn more about their heritage, their identity and their culture. Most of the staff and the faculty of our Sound of Children family have been connected to St. Peter’s Church through the Armenian Saturday School program. 

I am the founder and Director of Sound of Children cultural center at St. Peter’s. I am also the music teacher at St. Peter’s Armenian School for almost 30 years. Dzovinar Ghazaryan, the Principal of St. Peter Armenian Saturday School is also the principal and Armenian Educator for our Sound Of Children Summer Camp.  All the teachers, staff, substitutes and volunteers, everyone involved, have the same goal in mind: Giving our children a memorable, cultural, musical, safe and fun summer and enrich in their souls and hearts the greatest values our people are known for, thus bringing them closer to their identity.




The location of our summer camp and our after school programs is right here at St. Peter’s church grounds. We have the school with about 10 classrooms, including a nursery and music hall. We have full kitchen, where our amazing Chef Aileen with Lana’s Kitchen will cook daily fresh meals for our children. We have the playgrounds (front area, with safe fenced playground) and sport play area in the back parking lot. This year we will be having a dedicated sport and athletic trainer, David Kirakosian who will organize games and sport activities for all our children. And, most importantly we have Karagozian hall and stage, where our kids play and perform. The stage is where they will play pretend through the arts and broaden their imaginations, while building their self esteems. 




What do we do? When do we do it?

Our programs, plans and schedules: 

Sound of Children Summer Camp

We have two plans to choose from: Full time - 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM and Part time – 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

The daily program consists of musical activities, sports and physical activity, and cultural themes.  The days include homecooked meals, music classes, dance classes, Armenian classes, acting, art and chess classes, cooking classes, sport activities, water games, musical and cultural performances, prayer time, and more. Please refer to our templates for more information about our programs and prices.

Sound of Children: After School Cultural Center

Our after school programs are weekly, except Fridays from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM and they include: music, vocal classes, piano classes, dance, acting, chess, art classes; we also offer homework club and tutoring, for Math, English, etc. and even Armenian language. 

We will continue our classes the first week of September. For more details, please stop by at the Church Office. 


St. Peter Armenian Saturday School

For over 30 years, every Saturday, we have Armenian Classes to all children from ages 3 to 18. Our school is known to be one of the best Armenian Saturday Schools in the diaspora with very rich cultural programs, teaching Armenian languages in both Western and Eastern Armenian dialogues. Mrs. Dzovinar Ghazaryan can give you more information or you can also stop by the Church Office. Sign up for Saturday School starts in late August!




Why you would chose St. Peter’s Sound of Children camp this summer for your children?

To answer to this question, we want to introduce to you our “Mission Statement”:

The “The Sound of Children’s" purpose of creation is to spread the good and the beautiful through the voices and actions of our children. 

Our mission is to reach out to as many children as we can and give them a chance to love and learn their aesthetics of culture through music and art. Our children today are deprived from the most important gifts that surrounds art and music; skills that are essential to their development and growth. 

Our mission is to also bring identity awareness to our young generation, so that as they advance their minds and intellects, they also keep their souls in a peaceful place.. 

Our mission is NOT to be profitable, but to sing through the voices of our children and spread kindness, knowledge and beauty. By doing so we believe that we are involuntarily going to SAVE our next generation. 


Thank you,

Sirvart Kavoukjian

Sound of Children

Founder and Director